New Laws for Florida Condominiums, Cooperatives & HOAs Go Into Effect July 1st, 2015

New condominium laws, particularly regarding electronic voting:


Construction Committee Updates!

Construction Updates
Construction Committee Meeting July 14, 2015Meeting Started 2:06PM Meeting Ended 2:41PM

1. Built-Rite General Contractor (GC)

Drywall Installation done.

Ceiling Grid and installation of 2 hour fire-rated tile (Mezzanine) Start: 07.20.15 Finish 08.03.15.

This start date is a week later than planned and the finish date is two weeks later than planned. The reason is that the ceiling is harder to cut than existing tile especially perimeter and around light fixtures according to the installation subcontractor. We are seeking additional quotes to install the ceiling tiles.

After the ceiling grid is installed on 07.27.15 the GC will install lights. Installation of lights will take one week.

Theater pre-wire done.

The Association have bought brackets GC requested for staircase.

The Association have bought “back-plates” GC requested for installation of AV equipment.

Mailboxes on order.

2. Airstron (HVAC)

Airstron will supply “grills” for Sun Room & Theater to do . GC will then “drywall”.

Return grill for Sun Room is done.

Supply grill for Gen Medow fan and how the ceiling will “go around” the grill to be done.

Return grill for theater has been done by Airstron.

3. All Fire (sprinkler heads) inspection (Rough) is preceding two floors every week. Tomorrow, floors 7&8.

Fire Sprinkler Heads in the vestibule were raised before the drywall.

4. Fire Alarm (security)

“Boxes” for mezzanine vestibule & near office are done.

5. All & Design Metal (railings).

Arlen Beach waiting for Sendy to confirm installation date so that we can remove old railings and install chain link barrier (must hold 200 lb minimum laterally to avoid tipping). ABC will order ASAP(can be used as a barrier during the chipping of floor tile) .

The time to successfully “bend” glass is 3+ weeks because the failure rate in production is 5 to 1. We will follow-up with Sendy to make a site-visit and prepare mold.

Floor tile will be jack-hammered on 07.21.15. Lobby will be done first due to fire command room needs.

6. GC received, as requested, a “packet” from each outside contractor operating under the Master Permit of the GC including: workman compensation, general liability, state license, occupational license and the GC should be added as “insured”. Done.

7. Inspection Engineers (Engineer of Record) for preparation of a Critical Path Chart
contacted Interior Designer for a timeline & Scope of Work.

8. Gen Medow Room. Data piping to the office is done. Ceiling tiles will be changed to Fire-Rated.

9. Theater. Robert Guzman, Structural Engineer (Inspection Engineers) prepared new drawing. Dimensions are fine. Outlets for data and AV changes (red-lining drawings).

10. Office. Work on hold.

11. Generator permit will be closed “last” (@December 2015).

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Yom Kippur

Arlen Beach President’s Message: At last Permits Approved!

May 21, 2015.

At long last the City of Miami Beach has today approved the revisions, to our Master Permit, that include work for the Interior Design and for the 40 year re-certification for electrical and life-safety.

Our goal is to begin work on the mezzanine, first, ASAP.

I would like to express my appreciation to our engineer Mike Garcia and Julian the assistant engineer from Inspection Engineers, for successfully “running” the permiting process at the City today.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial holiday week-end.


Marc Schloss

Good News: we are getting very close to getting our permit

Message from the president:

May 18, 2015.


The re-numbered and reprinted drawings for Building Department, as requested, were hand-delivered to the City Reviewer (inspector) this morning, Monday, May, 18, 2015 by our Engineer of Record, Inspection Engineers Inc. Mr. Robert Guzman and his assistant engineer, Julian. Our engineer, Mike, was also present to meet with the Inspector. The owner of Inspection, Mr. Mercado, our property manager, Maria and myself were also present to meet with the Building Operations Manager, Tony Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez met with the entire group and was very supportive.

The following issues were addressed:

1. The inspector withdrew the comments regarding “missing pages” from the Master related to work on the Mezzanine completed and approved by the City in the past. There was confusion on the part of the Inspector whether we were applying for a new Master. The City’s computer system clearly identified that we are applying for a revision to the Master and therefore the “missing pages” comments was dropped.

2. The new 4 pages for Revisions to the Master will be identified by perforated holes attached to the pages in the Master being replaced (these pages will be marked voided, now.)

3. The Inspector had some minor comments outstanding to the revision pages. For example, we need to add one additional step for the new stairs for the new egress from the pool deck. The font for the labeling on the drawing that the new ceiling tiles for the mezzanine are fire-rated should be larger.

Mr. Guzman estimates he has one hour of work to correct the comments. Julian and Mike have an appointment with the City Reviewer this Wednesday morning, May 20, 2015 to get approval.

The corrections to new pages may then have to be signed by Zoning, Structural, etc. Mike will walk-through the drawings to these departments, if necessary on Wednesday. Then, after every department signs off, Building will remove the voided pages from the Master and the City will archive one clean set and we will have one clean set for the work-site. Then, the work will recommence starting with the Mezzanine. 

We will call a Communications Committee meeting for all the unit owners once we have the permits this week, hopefully.


Construction News

Arlen Beach Construction Updates!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015.


The drawings for Zoning (Building Department) to address the issue of the location of the stairs for the new egress from the pool deck were submitted to the City on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 by the Assistant Engineer, Julian, from the firm Inspection Engineers, Inc., our Engineer of Record. 

On Friday, May 8, 2015, the owner of Inspection Engineers, Inc. Mr. Douglas Mercado sent the following Email to our Property Manager:

As per the request of the building official we are preparing the entire master building permit drawings (originals and reviewed) and arranging in order so that the City reviewer does not have to spend unlimited amount of time figuring out what is new and what was approved. The City Official complained about this and refused to confirm with his review until we provide an organized set of drawings. As you know, there have been many pages voided by the City, others refused and new ones added. This work is taking a couple of days to complete. We are meeting with Mike, as per your request, on Saturday, to do a final review to be taken to the City on Monday.


Inspection Engineers, Inc.
13192 SW 130th Terrace, Suite 102

Miami, FL 33186

The re-ordered drawings for Zoning were re-submitted to the City on Monday, May 11, 2015 by the Assistant Engineer, Julian. The inspector requested at that meeting that all the drawings must be now be in CAD format before he would review them.

Today, May 13, 2015, Mr. Mercado met with three members of the Board of Directors to communicate that 3 of his staff are working full-time on preparing the entire set of drawings, in the format requested, for re-submission to the City inspector on Monday, May, 18, 2015 at 8:30AM. We hope this submission will be approved. If we receive approval at Monday’s meeting we have our permits for the revisions and the work on the Lobby and Mezzanine can resume.

Construction news

The board is aware of the growing frustration with the construction. Members of the board feel the same frustration that you feel. We are doing all we can to advance the project but much of it is not in our hand. There have been delays in acquiring the necessary permits from the building department. We were reassured that if we correct some details in our plans, the permits will be granted immediately. The correction required by the building department will take our engineer 2 weeks to complete and after that we believe we will have the permit and proceed with the renovations.

Thank you for your patience.